2019 Macan – Manual

2019 Macan – Manual

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Page: 211

Replacing the vehicle key battery


  • Observe the disposal instructions for batteries.

If the battery in the vehicle key needs to be replaced, a message appears in the instrument cluster.

Fig. 197: Changing battery

Changing the battery (CR 2032, 3V)

  1. Remove the emergency key.
  2. Lever off the battery cover on the back of the vehicle key housing using a suitable implement (e.g. the emergency key).
  3. Change the battery (check polarity).
  4. Push the vehicle key housing upwards from below and clip into place.
  5. Insert the emergency key.

Emergency release of the vehicle key or operating device

If the vehicle battery is discharged, the vehicle key can only be removed using the emergency release. Malfunctions of the wireless connection between the vehicle and vehicle key, or a flat vehicle key battery can disable the Porsche Entry & Drive comfort function. The operating device can be removed from the ignition lock in this case. The vehicle can then be started using the vehicle key.

  1. Fuses checked.
  1. Please see chapter "Fuses" on page 92.

Fig. 198: Removing the metal hook

  1. Carefully lever off the cover with a suitable object (e.g. screwdriver) and remove it.
  2. Unclip the metal hook A.

Fig. 199: Removing the plastic cover of the ignition lock

  1. Use metal hook A to remove the plastic cover B from the ignition lock.
    Take care not to lose plastic cover B.
  2. Turn control unit/vehicle key to ignition lock position 0 (initial position).

Fig. 200: Performing emergency release

  1. Press metal hook A into opening C. The vehicle key/operating device audibly unlocks.
  2. Remove operating device/vehicle key.
  3. Fit the plastic cover B.

Ordering a replacement key and keeping in a safe place

Vehicle keys can only be ordered from an authorized Porsche dealer. This can take a long time.

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