2017-2019 Panamera – Manual

2017-2019 Panamera – Manual

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  1. If the vehicle plug is inserted when you lock the vehicle, the vehicle plug remains locked.
  2. The ignition can be switched on after the charging process starts.
  3. If the vehicle key or operating device is turned to ignition lock position 2 during the charging process, the charging process is interrupted. If the vehicle plug is not removed, charging resumes after approx. 20 seconds.
  4. If the charging timer function is activated, the charging timer controls when the charging process starts and the charging process may not start immediately after you insert and lock the vehicle plug.

Finishing the charging process and removing the vehicle plug from the vehicle charge port

  1. Unlock the vehicle.
  2. Press button C on the vehicle charge port.
    The vehicle plug is unlocked. If a charging process was started, it will be stopped.
  3. Press the release button (arrow) on the vehicle plug and pull the vehicle plug from the vehicle charge port within approx. 20 seconds.
  4. Disconnect the vehicle charging cable from the power supply and store in a safe place.
  5. Close the charge port door.


  1. Observe the specified sequence for charging the high-voltage battery.
  2. End the charging process before disconnecting the vehicle cable from the electrical socket.
  3. Observe the safety instructions for charging the high-voltage battery.

If disconnection of the vehicle plug was not detected (engine start not possible), detection of the vehicle plug can be reset.

  1. The light indicator on button C flashes rapidly.
  1. Press and hold button C until the flashing frequency of the light indicator on button C is reduced.
  2. Starting the engine

Display of the charge and connection status on the vehicle charge port

The light indicator B shows the charge state of the high-voltage battery and the light indicator on the button C shows the connection status of the vehicle plug.

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