2017-2019 Panamera – Manual

2017-2019 Panamera – Manual

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Page: 82

Locking the vehicle automatically (Auto Lock)

  1. The function is activated.

The vehicle is locked automatically when a speed of approx. 9 mph (15 km/h) is exceeded.

  1. Please see chapter "Vehicle settings" on page 247.

Activating and deactivating child lock

The rear doors can be prevented from opening from inside.

The child locks are fitted in the lock area of the rear doors.

Activating and deactivating child lock in vehicles without soft close

Fig. 40: Child lock on right rear door


  • Using the emergency key, turn the child lock approx. 45° counter-clockwise (Fig. 40) on the right rear door and approx. 45° clockwise on the rear left door.
    When the child lock is activated, the slot is in a vertical position.
    The rear doors cannot be opened from inside.


  • Using the emergency key, turn the child lock approx 45° clockwise (Fig. 40) on the right rear door and approx. 45° counter-clockwise on the rear left door.
  1. Please see chapter "Using the emergency key" on page 245.

The rear doors can be opened from inside.

Activating and deactivating child locks in vehicles with soft close
The child locks are activated in conjunction with child protection.

  1. Please see chapter "Disabling controls in the rear – child protection" on page 212.

A warning message appears on the instrument cluster in the event of a child lock fault.

  1. Please see chapter "Warning and Information Messages" on page 255.

Closing doors (vehicles with soft close)

Vehicles with soft close have a power closing mechanism on all four doors.

Power closing mechanism
If the door is pressed or pulled gently into the lock, the door is automatically pulled completely into the lock.

  • Make sure that you do not trap your fingers between the door and stationary vehicle parts.
  • Keep foreign objects or limbs away from moving parts (rotary latch in the lock) of the power closing mechanism.
  • Do not leave children in the vehicle unattended.

  • Press or pull door gently into the lock.
    The door is automatically pulled closed.

Interrupting the closing operation in the event of danger

  • Pull door opener on the inside.
    – or –
    Pull door handle on the outside.

Emergency unlocking and emergency locking of doors

Fig. 41: Emergency unlocking/emergency locking

If the vehicle key remote control does not work, the doors can also be unlocked and locked without the remote control.

Performing emergency door unlocking

  • Hold the vehicle key at the top right of the rear window and press the button at the same time.
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