2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Engine compartment blowers and other moving parts in the area of the engine
While work is in progress, hands, fingers, articles of clothing, necklaces, or long hair can become trapped by moving parts in the engine compartment, e.g., engine compartment blowers or drive belts. The engine compartment blowers are installed under the hood. After the engine is turned off, the engine temperature is monitored for around 30 minutes. Depending on the temperature, the engine compartment blowers may continue to run or may be reactivated during this period.

  • You should only work in this area with the utmost care and the engine should always be switched off; make sure that body parts, articles of clothing or items of jewelry do not get trapped by radiator fans, engine compartment fans or other moving parts.

If you continue to operate the vehicle when a warning appears, you risk damaging the engine.

  • Park the vehicle.
  • Do not continue driving if the warning persists, even if the engine coolant level is correct.
  • Have the fault rectified.

The coolant provides year-round protection against corrosion and freezing at temperatures as low as –35 °F / –37 °C (Countries with extreme cold temperatures (–40 °F / –40 °C)).

The coolant level is regularly checked as part of servicing.

  • Only use Porsche-approved freeze protection agents.

Porsche recommend Glysantin® G40® or, alternatively, G12++/VW TL 774-G freeze protection agents.

Responding to warning symbols

If the coolant temperature is too high, the symbol appears on the multifunction display. If the symbol is displayed, the coolant level is too low.

  • Switch off engine and allow to cool.
  1. Please see chapter "Warning and Information Messages" on page 327.

Checking the coolant level and adding coolant

Fig. 55: Coolant reservoir

Swallowing Engine Coolant
Engine Coolant is hazardous to your health. Coolant can be deadly to children or pets if consumed.

  • Keep coolant out of children's reach.
  • Also, keep coolant away from your pets. They can be attracted to it should there be a spill, or to used coolant left in an open container.
  • Please note all the information on the refill container of the Engine Coolant.

Hot engine parts and hot coolant
The engine and adjacent components, the exhaust system and the coolant become very hot when the engine is running.

The coolant reservoir is pressurized. The hot coolant may suddenly escape if the coolant reservoir is not opened carefully.

  • Take care when working near hot vehicle parts, particularly the engine and exhaust system.
  • Always turn off the engine and allow it to cool down before working in the engine compartment.
  • Proceed with extreme caution when working in the engine compartment.
  • Only top up coolant when the engine is stopped and the ignition is switched off.
  • Do not open the cap of the coolant reservoir when the engine is hot. Wait until the coolant temperature gauge displays a temperature below 140 °F / 60 °C.
  1. Please see chapter "B - Coolant temperature" on page 314.

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