2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Cleaning seats with seat ventilation
Rain water or moisture can stain the perforated leather of the seats.

Removing water and moisture stains.

  1. Seat heating and seat ventilation is switched off.
  2. Ensure there is no direct sunlight.
  1. Blot the entire seat and backrest surface using a clean, absorbent sponge and distilled water. Make sure that perforated leather does not get wet on its reverse side.
  2. Allow the seat covering to dry completely at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Do not switch on the seat heating and seat ventilation to do this.
  3. Once dry, wipe the seat covering with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Cleaning carpet, floor mats

Obstructed pedals
Unsuitable floor mats or floor mats that are not properly secured can restrict the movement of the pedals or interfere with actuation of the pedals.

  • Always check the movement of the pedals before driving and make sure that they are not obstructed by a floor mat or any other object.
  • Secure the floor mats properly – do not lay them loosely.

To ensure proper cleaning of your vehicle, please observe the following:

  • Clean using a vacuum cleaner or a brush that is not too soft.
  • Remove heavy dirt and stains using a stain remover. Porsche recommends car care products from Porsche Tequipment.

To protect carpets, the Porsche range of accessories includes the correct size of floor mats with the appropriate fastening.

Cleaning airbag covers

Improper cleaning
Improper cleaning in the airbag area can damage the airbag system. The airbag system may not deploy properly in the event of an accident.

  • Do not make any modifications whatsoever to individual components, such as the padded covers on the steering wheel, the instrument panel, front seats and door panels.
  • To clean these components: Contact an authorized Porsche dealer.

Cleaning fabric linings

Fabric linings on pillars, roofliner, and sunblinds, etc. must only be cleaned using suitable cleaning agents, suitable dry foam and a soft brush.

Alcantara® care

Alcantara® must not be cleaned using a leather care product. For regular care, it is sufficient to clean the cover with a soft brush. Strong abrasion or rubbing when cleaning will create a lasting change to the surface.

  • When lightly soiled, wet a soft cloth with water or a neutral soap solution and wipe off the dirt.
  • When heavily soiled, wet a soft cloth with lukewarm water or thinned white spirit and dab the dirt from the outside in.

Cleaning the seat belts

To ensure proper cleaning of your vehicle, please observe the following:

  • Use mild detergent to clean soiled belts.
  • When drying, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Only use suitable cleaning agents.
  • Do not dye or bleach the belts. The belt fabric could be weakened and could therefore impair safety.

Cleaning PCM (Porsche Communication Management)

The PCM may become damaged by the use of unsuitable cleaning agents and care products, and by inappropriate treatment.

  • Do not use solvents such as mineral spirits, thinner, gas or acetone; alcohol (ethanol, methanol or isopropyl alcohol) or indeed abrasive agents for cleaning.
  • Do not spray any cleaning agents or other liquids directly onto the PCM. The ingress of fluids can cause irreparable damage to the PCM. Instead, moisten a cloth and carefully wipe the screen.

To ensure proper cleaning of your vehicle, please observe the following:

  • The screen is sensitive to scratches. Carefully clean the PCM from time to time using a dry, clean, soft cloth (microfiber cloth) or a cleaning brush.
    Do not exert excessive pressure on the surface when cleaning.
  • Remove finger prints with a slightly damp cloth or a mild cleaning agent.
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