2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Care of door lock

To ensure proper care, please observe the following:

  • Never use force.
  • If the door lock is frozen, use a commercially available deicing agent.

Washing your vehicle

The best way to protect your vehicle against damaging environmental effects is regular washing and preservation. The longer grit, road and industrial dust, insect residue, bird excrement, tree secretion (e.g., resin, pollen), etc. remain on the vehicle, the more harmful their effect.

To ensure your car is cleaned thoroughly and the paintwork washed gently, please observe the following points:

  • Wash the underside of the vehicle thoroughly at the end of the gritting season at the latest.
  • Only wash the vehicle in areas intended for this purpose to ensure that soot, grease, oil, and heavy metals do not harm the environment.
  • Do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight or if the bodywork is hot.
  • If washing by hand, use a car shampoo, plenty of water, and a soft sponge or washing brush. Porsche recommends car care products from Porsche Tequipment.
  • Start washing the vehicle by wetting the paintwork thoroughly and rinsing off any heavy dirt.
  • After washing the vehicle, rinse thoroughly with water, and rub with a chamois leather. When wiping with the chamois leather, do not use the same leather as you do for cleaning the windows.

Cleaning in the car wash

Add-on parts or parts that project beyond the contour of the vehicle may be damaged by design features of car washes.

  • Before using an automatic car wash, consult the car wash operator.

To ensure your car is cleaned safely and thoroughly in the car wash, please observe the following table:

Automatic vehicle washes spray water at odd angles and high pressures, which are not seen in normal driving. Therefore, water can sometimes find its way into the passengers compartment during or shortly after the vehicle wash.

Paint care

Dust particles on painted surfaces can damage the paintwork if not properly dealt with.

  • Do not rub dust with a dry cloth.

The matt effect of bodywork sections may be lost if not looked after properly.

  • Do not treat matt-effect bodywork sections with preservatives or polishes.

Preserve paint
The paint surface will dull over time due to weathering and should therefore be regularly protected with a paint preservative after washing the vehicle. This keeps the paint shiny and elastic, and prevents dirt from adhering to the paint surface and industrial dust from penetrating the paint.

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