2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Apple CarPlay™

Opening Apple CarPlay™ in PCM

Fig. 29: USB port in the center console

  1. iPhone 5® or later, iOS® 7.1 or higher.
  2. Siri® and Apple CarPlay™ are enabled in the user's iPhone® settings.
  3. iPhone® is connected to the USB port in the center console.
  1. Please see chapter "Connecting an external device via the USB or AUX port" on page 195.


  1. Only apps on the iPhone® being used, which are supported by Apple CarPlay™ can be displayed.
    For further information on the supported apps:
  1. See www.apple.com/ios/carplay.
  1. The content and functions displayed within the Apple CarPlay™ function are solely provided by the connected iPhone®.
  2. If Apple CarPlay™ is used, the connected iPhone® can only be used to make phone calls.
    Phones that are connected to the PCM via Bluetooth® are automatically disconnected.
  3. Some apps require an active data connection. Additional costs may be incurred, depending on the phone rate plan, particularly when used in foreign countries. We recommend using a data flat rate.

For information on operating Porsche Communication Management (PCM):

  1. Please see chapter "Operating Porsche Communication Management (PCM)" on page 188.

Using Apple CarPlay™ with the PCM

All available apps can be operated using the touchscreen, the rotary push button and the Undo button of the PCM.

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