2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Adjusting the passenger seat

Reclining Passenger Seatback
Seat belts only offer protection when the backrest is positioned at an upright seating angle and the belts are properly positioned on the body.

  • Do not operate the vehicle with the driver or passenger backrests excessively reclined.

Modify vehicle to accomodate persons with disabilities

Because modifications to your vehicle could compromise your advanced airbag system, please call 1-800-PORSCHE prior to having your vehicle modified.

Automatic deactivation of the passenger airbag

Child Restraint in Front Seat
The use of a child restraint system in the front passenger’s seat can result in serious personal injury or death to the child from an airbag deployment.

To reduce risk of injury from an inflating airbag in an accident, Porsche strongly recommends:

  • Under all normal circumstances, the child seat must be placed in the rear.
    Do not use a child restraint system on the front passenger seat.

Before transporting a child on the passenger seat:

  1. Please see the chapter “Child Restraint Systems”.
  1. When an up to one-year old child is seated in the child restraint system on the front seat, the passenger airbag will be automatically deactivated.
  2. When an adult is seated in the front passenger seat the front airbag is automatically activated.

Fig. 12: PASSENGER AIR BAG OFF/ON indicator light

Depending on the electrical capacitance acting on the front passenger seat, it may be the case that with heavier children the passenger airbag is activated or, in the case of very light adults, that the passenger airbag is deactivated.

The condition of the passenger airbag system is shown by the indicator lamp on the overhead console.

  • If the indicator light shows the passenger airbag is off for a full-size person, that person should sit in the rear seat.
    If the indicator light shows the passenger airbag is on for a child/child in child restraint system, the child/child in child restraint system should be secured in the rear seat.

The PASSENGER AIR BAG OFF/ON indicator lamp is located on the overhead console.

Depending on whether the airbag on the passenger seat is switched off or on, the following indicator lights will lluminate:

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