2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Opening windows

  • Press the switch for the relevant window until the window has reached the required position.

Closing windows

  • Pull back the switch for the relevant window until the window has reached the required position.

The switches have a two-stage function. When the buttons are used, both stages can be clearly felt due to a resistance when pushed or pulled.

Stage one – manual operation

  • Push or pull the relevant button to reach the first stage.
    The window is opened or closed manually The process stops when the button is released.

Stage two – automatic operation

  1. Ignition is switched on.
  • Briefly push or pull the relevant button completely forward or back to reach the second stage.
    The window is completely opened or closed.
  • Pressing the button again stops the window in the required position.

Closing a window manually
If automatic mode was deactivated after a window was blocked, the window will close with its full force when closed manually.

  • Ensure that nobody can be pinched or crushed when the windows close.

If a window is blocked by an obstruction when closing, the window stops and opens again a few centimeters.

If the window is blocked a second time within around 10 seconds, the automatic mechanism for this window is locked.

The window can be closed manually. Automatic mode is enabled again once the window has been completely shut once in manual mode.

Storing final position of windows
The final positions of the windows are lost after the battery is disconnected and reconnected. Windows automatic mode is not operative.

Perform the following steps for all windows:

  1. Close the window completely once by pulling the rocker switch to the second setting.
  2. When the window is completely closed, briefly pull the rocker switch to the second setting again.
  3. Completely open the window once by pressing the switch.

Disabling controls in the rear – child protection

Fig. 286: Disabling the controls in the rear

The power window buttons on the rear doors and the control panel on the rear center console can be disabled by pressing the safety button in the control panel on the driver’s door.

Switching child protection on/off

  • Press button .
    The light indicator in the button lights up if child protection is active.
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