2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Vehicle Key

Using the vehicle key

Fig. 273: Vehicle key

AUnlock the vehicle
BLock the vehicle
COpen the tailgate and unlock the vehicle
DEmergency key
EPanic button

There is an emergency key integrated in every vehicle key. The vehicle keys can be used to operate all of the vehicle locks.

  • Take care of your vehicle keys: do not part with them except under exceptional circumstances.
  • Even when leaving the vehicle for only a short time, always remove the vehicle key and take it with you.
  • Never leave the vehicle key in the vehicle.

Using the panic button

In dangerous situations or when one's own safety is threatened, it is possible to draw attention to the situation by triggering an alarm.

Fig. 274: Panic button

To trigger an alarm

  • Press the red button once.
    The horn sounds and the emergency flasher flashes.

To stop the alarm

  • Press the red button again.
    The horn becomes silent and the emergency flasher goes out.

Using the emergency key

Removing emergency key

Fig. 275: Removing emergency key

  1. Push the release button to the side (Fig. 275).
  2. Pull out the emergency key toward the rear.

Inserting emergency key

  • Push the emergency key into the vehicle key until the release button engages audibly.

Replacing the vehicle key battery

If the battery in the driver's key becomes too weak and the battery needs replacing, the message Replace ignition key battery appears on the multifunction display.


  • Observe the disposal instructions for batteries.

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