2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 303

Opening and closing the trunk floor

Opening the trunk floor

Fig. 255: Opening the trunk floor

  1. Pull handle A and fold the trunk floor up halfway.
  2. Unclip the half-open trunk floor from the holders B and remove it.

Closing the trunk floor

Fig. 256: Closing the trunk floor

  1. Clip the half-open trunk floor into the holders B in the vehicle floor.
  2. Pull handle C and unfold the trunk floor.

Using tie-down rings

Fig. 257: Using tie-down rings

Tie-down straps can be fastened to the tie-down rings C to secure the load in the trunk to prevent it from slipping.

  • Make sure that all rings are equally loaded when securing a load.

The tie-down rings are not designed to restrain a heavy load in an accident.

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