2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 288

Towing and Tow-Starting


  • Always observe the legal requirements relating to the towing and tow starting of vehicles.
    Certain state statutes and local ordinances prohibit towing with a chain, rope or even a tow bar. In addition, damage to your vehicle may result from improper precedures.
  • Vehicles should only be towed with great care. Before driving, both drivers should familiarize themselves with the special conditions that apply to tow-starting and towing.
  • In the event of a power failure or faults in the electrical system, it may be necessary to connect an external power supply in order to release the electric parking brake or the steering column lock.

Using tow rope or tow bar

  • Data and installation instructions can be found in the accessory manufacturer's manual.
    Follow the manufacturer's safety and operating instructions.
  • Always observe the permissible towing force of the towing rope or towing bar. The tow rope or tow bar must be approved for the vehicle weight. Never exceed the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Vehicles with defective brakes must not be towed.

Using a tow rope

  • When towing a vehicle, first screw the towing hook into the vehicle before attaching the tow rope to the towing hook.
  1. Please see chapter "Attaching the towing hook" on page 290.
  • The tow rope should always be keep taut while towing. Avoid jerky and sudden loading.

Using a tow bar

  • The tow bar should not be attached diagonally between the vehicles.

Tow starting and push starting the vehicle

If the battery is faulty or completely discharged, the only way to start the engine is to replace the battery or through emergency starting with jumper cables.

  1. Please see chapter "Battery" on page 69.
  2. Please see chapter "Emergency starting" on page 105.
  • It is not possible to tow start or push start a vehicle with PDK and this should not be attempted due to the risk of serious damage to the transmission.

Towing the vehicle

Increased steering and braking forces due to a lack of power assistance
There is no power steering on the towed vehicle when the engine is not running. This means that greater force is required for braking and steering.

  • Vehicles should only be towed with great care.

The towed vehicle must not be heavier than the towing vehicle.

It is not possible to guarantee that the transmission is sufficiently lubricated when the engine is not running. The following points have to be noted in order to prevent damage to the transmission.

Flat bed towing is the preferred type of towing to be used on Porsche vehicles.

Special feature on vehicles with PDK

  • If the PDK is operating in emergency mode (warning message indicates transmission failure) or if the selector lever emergency release has been carried out, the vehicle must not be towed away. It must be transported on a transport truck or trailer, otherwise damage to the vehicle may result.
  1. Please see chapter "PDK Selector Lever Release" on page 206.

Special feature on vehicles with all-wheel drive/Porsche Traction Management (PTM)

  • The vehicle must be transported on a transport truck or trailer or must be towed away on all four wheels. Raising and towing on one axle (front or rear) is not permissible, otherwise damage to the vehicle may result.
    The vehicle must be towed with all four wheels off the ground, otherwise damage to the vehicle may result.

Instructions for towing a vehicle on all four wheels

  • Switch on the ignition so that the brake lights and turn signals are operational and the steering column lock does not engage.

Towing the vehicle

  • Vehicles with PDK: select PDK selector lever position N. In order to ensure selector lever position N can be engaged on the selector lever itself and appears on the display, you must start the engine before towing the vehicle. The vehicle can be towed as soon as the selector lever is in position N and selector lever position N appears on the display.
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