2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Reading the inscription on radial tires

Fig. 235: Inscription on radial tires

A Tire size
TIN (Tire Identification Number)
Tire ply composition and material
Maximum permissible inflation pressure
Maximug load rating
Term of tubeless or tube tire

A - Tire size
Example: P 265/40R18 (101Y)

  1. P - The tire is designed for Passenger vehicle.
    This information is not included on all tires.
  2. 265 - Indication of tire width in mm
  3. 40 - Indication of tire height to tire width ratio in percent
  4. R - Belt type code letter for radial
  5. 18 - Indication of rim diameter in inches
  6. 101 - Load capacity coefficient
  7. Y - Speed code letter
  8. XL (Extra Load) - Tire with increased load rating

B - TIN (Tire Identification Number)
Example: DOT xx xx xxxx xxxx

  1. The DOT symbol indicates that the tires comply with the requirements of the US Department of Transportation and provides information about:
  2. first two-digit code indicates the manufacturer’s identification mark.
  3. second two-digit code indicates the tire size.
  4. third four-digit code indicates the tire type code.
  5. fourth four-digit code indicates the date of manufacture. If, for example, the last four numbers read 0204, the tire was produced in the 2nd week of 2004.

C - Tire ply composition and material
The number of layers in the tread and sidewalls and their material composition.

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