2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 280

Risk of damage to the vehicle and to the tires. Damage due to overloading is not covered by the vehicle warranty.

Tire damage may also be caused by overloading, and this damage is not covered by your tire warranty.

  • Do not overload your vehicle. Be careful about the roof load.
  • If you plan to load the vehicle, first correct the tire pressure. Tire pressure for loaded vehicle can be found on the tire pressure plate and in the chapter technical data.
  • Never exceed the specified axle load.

  1. Please see chapter "Trailer Hitch (Trailer Coupling)" on page 292.

Inflating Tires

Hot filling hose
The compressor filler hose can become hot during filling and cause burns.

  • Wear gloves.

The compressor with pressure gauge is stored behind the side trim panel in the trunk on the left in direction of travel.

  1. Please see chapter "Removing the tool kit" on page 302.
  2. Comply with the operating instructions on the compressor.
  1. Screw the compressor filler hose onto the tire valve.

Fig. 234: Battery terminals

A Positive terminal +
B Ground point -

  1. Vehicles without collapsible spare wheel:
    Connect clips of the compressor to the emergency starting terminals. Observe the sequence below:
    a.Open the cap on the positive terminal for emergency starting (+).
    b. Connect positive lead (red) to the positive terminal for emergency starting (+).
    c. Connect negative lead (black) to the negative terminal for emergency starting (– ).

– or –
Vehicles with collapsible spare wheel: Connect the compressor to a (12-volt) plug socket in the vehicle.

  1. Please see chapter "Electrical Sockets" on page 104.
  1. Switch on compressor.
    The tire is inflated.
  2. Check the inflation pressure with the pressure gauge and reduce the tire pressure or continue filling as required. Check the tire pressure once again.
  3. Switch off the compressor.
  4. Unscrew the compressor filler hose.

You can also check the tire pressure and inflate your tires at gas stations.

Reducing inflation pressure

  1. Switch off the compressor.
  2. Open air bleed screw on the hose until the correct inflation pressure is achieved.
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