2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 266

Steering Wheel

Adjusting the steering wheel

Adjusting the steering wheel while driving
The steering wheel may move further than desired if adjusted while driving. You may lose control of the vehicle.

  • Do not adjust the steering wheel when driving.

Adjusting the steering wheel manually

Fig. 216: Locking lever for steering wheel adjustment

  1. Fully insert the vehicle key into the ignition lock.
  2. Lower the locking lever
  3. Move the steering wheel vertically and horizontally in order to adjust the steering wheel position to the tilt of the backrest and seat position.
  4. Turn back the locking lever to the original position so that you feel it engage.

Adjusting the steering wheel electrically

Uncontrolled retrieval of the memory settings
If persons or animals are within the range of movement of the steering wheel while it is being adjusted, there is a risk of body parts being trapped or crushed.

  • Do not leave children in the vehicle unattended.

Fig. 217: Control stalk for steering wheel adjustment

  • Move the control stalk under the steering column in the relevant direction until the desired position is reached.

Storing steering wheel settings

In vehicles with the memory package, the steering wheel settings can be stored to the memory buttons in the driver's door and on the vehicle key.

  1. Please see chapter "Personal Settings" on page 207.

Switching the heated steering wheel on and off

Fig. 218: Heated steering wheel button

  1. Engine is running.
  • Press the button in the center steering wheel spoke (Fig. 218), until the message Heated steering wheel on or Heated steering wheel off appears briefly on the multifunction display.
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