2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 264

Starting and Stopping the Engine

Ignition lock

The vehicle key is inserted into the ignition lock on the left of the steering wheel.

On vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive, you no longer need to insert the vehicle key in the ignition lock but only need to carry it with you. The vehicle key is replaced by an operating device in the ignition lock which remains permanently in the ignition except when the vehicle has to be towed.

Fig. 214: Inserting the vehicle key in the ignition lock

The vehicle battery is discharged while the vehicle key is inserted.

If the vehicle battery is empty, the vehicle key can only be removed from the ignition lock using the emergency release.

  1. Please see chapter "Emergency release of the vehicle key/operating device" on page 311.

The ignition lock has three ignition lock settings:

Fig. 215: Ignition lock settings

0Initial position
1Ignition on
2Starting the engine

0 – Ignition off (initial position)
In ignition lock setting 0 the engine and ignition are off. The vehicle key can be removed in this position.

1 – Ignition on
All electric consumers can be switched on. The warning lights in the instrument panel light up as a lamp check.

If no consumers are switched on for 10 minutes after the ignition has been switched on, the ignition has to be switched on again.

The vehicle key must first be turned to ignition lock position 0 (initial position).

The vehicle key cannot be removed while the ignition is switched on or the engine is running.

2 – Start engine
After the engine is started, the vehicle key is automatically turned back from position 2 to position 1.

Starting the engine

  1. Press the footbrake.
  2. Move PDK selector lever to position P or N.
  3. Do not press the accelerator pedal.
    The engine control unit ensures the correct starting mixture.
  4. Turn the vehicle key or operating device (Porsche Entry & Drive) to ignition lock position 2. Do not use the starter for more than approx. 10 seconds.
    The starting process is carried out and completed automatically as soon as ignition key position 2 (start engine) is reached.
  • If necessary, wait for around 10 seconds and then repeat the starting process. First turn back the vehicle key to ignition lock position 0 (initial position).
    Do not warm up the engine when stationary.
    Drive off immediately. Avoid high engine speeds and full throttle until the engine has reached operating temperature.
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