2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 258

Sport Chrono Stopwatch

The Sport Chrono stopwatch can be used to record various times, e.g. on the racetrack or during work-related travel. These times can be recorded and evaluated.

The following information can be recorded and evaluated:

  1. Lap number
  2. Completed lap distance
  3. Lap time
  4. Optional: various other data (such as vehicle position, speed or the outside temperature)

The following information can be displayed while recording is in progress:

  1. Number of the current lap
  2. Fastest lap time and, as a comparison, the current lap time
  3. How much of the lap has been completed in relation to a reference lap
  4. Color coding to indicate whether the current lap is slower, just as fast or faster than the previous fastest lap
  5. Remaining fuel range and the number of laps that can be completed with the fuel left in the tank
  6. Remaining time available for recording
  7. Optional: The track progress of the current lap and of the reference lap

Stopwatch on the dashboard

Fig. 209: Sport Chrono stopwatch on the dashboard

The stopwatch features an analog and a digital display:

Analog display

  1. Large hand: seconds
  2. Small hand: hours and minutes

The display returns to zero after 12 hours.

Digital display

  1. Seconds, 1/10 seconds and 1/100 seconds

The digital display and the multifunction display can display up to 99 hours and 59 minutes.

Adjusting stopwatch brightness

  1. Please see chapter "Adjusting brightness of instrument lighting" on page 134.

Turning stopwatch lighting on dashboard on and off

  1. Please see chapter "Switching analog clock light on the switch panel on and off" on page 316.

Displaying the time on the stopwatch

  1. Please see chapter "Displaying time in stopwatch on the dashboard" on page 316.

Displaying stopwatch time

The lap time can be displayed at various locations:

  1. On the Sport Chrono stopwatch on the dashboard.
  2. In the Chrono menu on the multifunction display.
  3. In the main menu under SC in the PCM.
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