2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 236

Setting the band

– or –

– or –

The radio supports FM, AM and SiriusXM®.

The PCM additionally receives digital programs from HD Radio™ stations in the FM/AM band.

In order to receive HD Radio™ broadcasts1) the function HD content must be switched on.

  1. Please see chapter "Changing general settings" on page 238.

Tuning to a station

Displaying and selecting stored stations (presets)

Fig. 178: Station buttons (presets)

A total of 20 station buttons (presets) are available, and 15 stations can be freely assigned on the first three pages (see B for display of currently selected page).

The 5 radio stations with the strongest signals are automatically assigned to the station buttons on the fourth page ("Best FM level").

Tuning to stations using skip buttons

Selecting stations from the station list

Tuning to a station manually

1) HD Radio Technology manufactured under license from iBiquity Digital Corporation. U.S. and Foreign Patents. HD Radio™ and the HD, HD Radio, and “Arc” logos are proprietary trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corp.

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