2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 231

Porsche Vehicle Tracking System Plus (PVTS Plus)

PVTS Plus is a GSM/GPS-based tracking system which enables the vehicle to be located by a Security Operating Center (SOC) and secured by the relevant authorities in the event of theft.

As soon as PVTS Plus recognizes an alarm, the location of the corresponding vehicle is reported to the Security Operating Center (SOC).

There are two different PVTS Plus equipment versions:

  1. PVTS Plus with driver card
  2. PVTS Plus without driver card

The PVTS Plus equipment version depends on the vehicle insurance or statutory requirements of the individual countries. Your authorized Porsche dealer will be pleased to advise you on the PVTS Plus version installed in your vehicle.

On vehicles with the smartphone app Porsche Car Connect, some PVTS Plus settings can be implemented directly using the app.

Detailed information on installation, the functions and management of the contract can be found at: www.porsche.com/connect.

Scope of supply and initial activation

PVTS Plus is tested by the authorized Porsche dealer and activated together with the vehicle owner.

After activation, you will receive important documents such as the telephone number of the local Security Operating Center (SOC) and of your service provider.

Detailed activation information can be obtained at www.porsche.com/connect or from an authorized Porsche dealer.


The vehicle will only be only located in the event of theft. In this event, a text message is sent to the cell phone number provided. For security reasons, the position of the vehicle is not communicated in the text message.

  • Please contact the Security Operating Center (SOC) if your vehicle has been stolen. In addition, report the theft to the competent police authority.

The following alarms can be set:

  1. Unauthorized movement of the vehicle: The vehicle is moved. On vehicles with driver card: The vehicle is moved without a driver card.
  2. Sabotage: The PVTS Plus has been illicitly tampered with.
  3. Intrusion alarm: The alarm system was triggered and has been active for more than 15 seconds.


  1. There is no guarantee that a theft will be detected under all circumstances.
  2. The PVTS Plus alarm can also be triggered when the vehicle battery is discharged.

For information about the battery:

  1. Please see chapter "Battery" on page 69.


  1. The Security Operating Center (SOC) can prevent the engine from starting if the vehicle has been stolen.
  2. On vehicles with the Porsche Car Connect smartphone app, access to the vehicle by the app is blocked in the event of theft.

Operation of PVTS Plus without driver card

When PVTS Plus is operated normally, no intervention on your part is required.

Operation of PVTS Plus with driver card

PVTS Plus can be automatically deactivated using a switched-on driver card.

Fig. 174: Button A and light indicator B on driver card

Switching on the driver card

  • Press button A on the driver card.
    Light indicator B flashes rapidly. After releasing button A, the light indicator flashes at intervals of around 3 seconds.

If the light indicator of a switched-on driver card stops flashing either in intervals of three seconds or when pressing button A on the driver card, the battery is discharged and must be replaced.

For information about changing the battery:

  1. Please see chapter "Changing the driver card" on page 233.
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