2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Multi-collision braking

During an accident, multi-collision braking can help the driver reduce the risk of skidding and further collisions during the accident through automatically initiated braking.

Multi-collision braking works exclusively:

  1. During front, side, and rear-end collisions.
  2. When the airbag control unit detects an appropriate activation threshold during an accident.
  3. During an accident at a driving speed above approx. 5 mph (10 km/h).

The vehicle is decelerated automatically by the PSM system, provided the hydraulic brake system, PSM, and electrical system remain undamaged and operational during the accident.

The following activities prevent automatic braking in the event of an accident:

  1. When the driver noticeably presses on the accelerator pedal.
  2. If the brake pressure produced when the driver presses the brake pedal is stronger than the brake pressure applied by the system.

Trailer Stability Management (country-dependent)

Trailer Stability Management is an assistance function in PSM for driving with a trailer.

Trailer Stability Management detects snaking of the vehicle-trailer combination.

If such critical driving situations are detected, slight snaking of the vehicle-trailer combination is stabilized by individual braking interventions on the wheels on the front axle. The driver can still accelerate the vehicle-trailer combination. In the event of more severe snaking, the Trailer Stability Management function brakes the vehicle until the vehicle-trailer combination is stabilized.

The vehicle-trailer combination cannot be stabilized in all driving situations. Slippery roads or a loose surface can cause the trailer to jack-knife, for example. Trailers with a high center of gravity can tip over.

  • Steer carefully during the control process.
  1. Please see chapter "Driving with a trailer" on page 293.

Loss of control of the vehicle
Despite the advantages of Trailer Stability Management, it is still the driver’s responsibility to adapt his or her driving style and maneuvers in line with road and weather conditions, as well as the traffic situation.

The increased safety provided should not induce you to take greater risks with your safety. The limits set by the physics of driving cannot be overcome, even with Trailer Stability Management.

Risk of accidents due to inappropriate speed cannot be reduced by Trailer Stability Management.

Jack-knifing of the trailer
The vehicle-trailer combination cannot be stabilized if the trailer jack-knifes (e.g. on slippery roads or on loose surfaces).

  • Adapt your driving style according to the road conditions.

Tipping over of the trailer
Trailers with a high center of gravity can tip over.

  • Adapt your driving style.

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