2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 217

Stowing a phone (country dependent1)

Fig. 167: Phone tray

Depending on the equipment, a special phone tray is installed in the center console.

Its purpose is to connect to the vehicle’s external antenna. It also has a USB port to charge the phone and to connect to the PCM.

Using the external antenna ensures less radiation in the vehicle and better reception quality for a phone connected via Bluetooth®.

  • Insert the phone in the side holder. Ensure that there are no objects between the holder and the phone and that the display is facing towards the front passenger side.

It is recommended that you activate the keypad/code lock before inserting the phone in the holder.

Charging a phone

  • Connect the phone to the USB port A using a USB charging cable.

Changing settings

Settings available during a phone call (private mode)

  1. The call is established.

  1. Activate private mode The hands-free facility transfers the call to the phone.

Changing phone settings

  1. Switch off/on PCM Phone: Switches the phone module in the PCM on/off.
  2. Enable 3-way calls: Switches 3-way calling on/off.
  3. Network operator search: Select network provider or activate automatic network provider search.
  4. SIM card: Change the settings on the inserted SIM card.
  5. Voicemail number: Display or modify the voicemail number of the connected phone.
  6. Serial number: Display the IMEI serial number of the PCM telephone module.

Manage Bluetooth® functions and devices

  1. Add new device: Search for new Bluetooth® device and add to the PCM.
  2. Bluetooth® devices: Manage known Bluetooth® devices, connect PCM with known Bluetooth® device.
  1. Please see chapter "Deleting a Bluetooth® device or displaying Bluetooth® information" on page 212.
  1. Deactivate/activate Bluetooth®: Switch Bluetooth® function off or on.
  2. Note: Don't forget your phone: Activates a reminder for a connected Bluetooth® device on leaving the vehicle.
  3. Bluetooth® name: Set the Bluetooth® name of the PCM.

1) The phone tray is not available in the United States.

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