2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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ParkAssist visually and audibly indicates to the driver the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle during parking and maneuvering (with the corresponding vehicle equipment).

ParkAssist's visual parking assistance is displayed on the PCM. Obstacles located in front of and behind the vehicle are indicated by means of different colored fields on the touchscreen. These fields show the contour of the obstacles as well as their distance from the vehicle.

Inattentive maneuvering or parking
The increased comfort offered by ParkAssist should not induce you to risk your safety.

Notwithstanding ParkAssist, responsibility for parking and for assessing obstacles lies with the driver. The system cannot replace the driver's attentiveness.

  • Make sure that no persons, animals, or obstacles are within maneuvering range of the vehicle.

Distance measurement

Fig. 157: Ultrasound sensors for distance measurement

The ultrasound sensors A in the rear and front bumpers (if vehicle is fitted with relevant equipment) measure the distance to the nearest obstacle. A detected obstacle is reported through an intermittent tone. The intervals shorten as the vehicle approaches the obstacle. When the distance is less than approx. 12 in. (30 cm), a continuous tone sounds.

In the sensor blind spots (above and beneath the sensors, e.g., in the case of obstacles which are overhanging or close to the ground), objects may not be detected.

The warning tone volume can be adjusted in the multifunction display:

  1. Please see chapter "Adjusting volume of warning signals and ParkAssist" on page 319.

Activating ParkAssist

Activate automatically (up to a speed of approx. 9 mph (15 km/h))

  1. Ignition is switched on.
  2. Reverse gear engaged.
  3. Distance in front is less than approx. 80 cm.
  4. Rolling backwards is detected.

Activating manually

Display in PCM

Fig. 158: Colors according to distance

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