2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 193

Deleting a tile from MyScreen

  1. The tile is visible in the preview page on the left.

For further information on how to create a phone favorite:

  1. Please see chapter "Adding a favorite in MyScreen" on page 215.

Information on drives and externally connected devices

Information on supported media and file formats:

  1. Please see chapter "Porsche Communication Management (PCM)" on page 367.
  1. If a storage device contains a large number of files, folders or playlists, it may take longer to load media tracks for the first time.
  2. During playback, audio files are automatically displayed with additional saved information (e.g., artist, track, album cover). If this data is unavailable in the relevant medium, the Gracenote®1) database is accessed. Nonetheless, in certain cases it is not possible to display the individual additional information.
  3. Do not use USB extension cables or adapters. These impair functionality.
  4. USB hubs are not supported.
  5. Porsche assumes no liability for damaged or lost files or media. Never store important data on SD cards, the Jukebox, CDs/DVDs or portable playback devices.
  6. If outside temperatures are unusually low or high, playback of a CD/DVD may temporarily not be possible. A thermal protection circuit is installed to protect the CD/DVD and the laser.
  7. In some cases, the PCM may be unable to play copy-protected CDs/DVDs or non-standard CDs/DVDs.
  8. As a rule, it is only permitted to make copies of CDs/DVDs for one's own personal use.
    Sharing copied CDs/DVDs with third parties is not covered by copyright derogations. Music tracks created for use on MP3 players are generally covered by copyright in accordance with the relevant national and international principles. Many countries do not allow copies to be made, even for personal use, without the prior consent of the copyright holder. Please observe the applicable copyright regulations. If you hold these rights, e.g. for your own compositions and recordings, or if you have been granted these rights by the copyright holder, then these restrictions do not apply.
    The applicable laws apply in all cases.

Loading the CD/DVD drive

Risk of damage to the PCM owing to incorrect use of CDs/DVDs.

  • Use standard circular CDs/DVDs with a diameter of 12 cm exclusively.
  • Only hold CDs/DVDs by the edges. Do not touch the unprinted side.
  • Keep the CDs/DVDs clean and clean them if necessary.
  • Never stick anything to the CD/DVD.
  • Do not bend CDs/DVDs.
  • Do not use force when inserting/removing CDs/ DVDs.

Inserting a CD/DVD

Fig. 148: Loading a CD/DVD or SD card

1) Gracenote is a trademark of Gracenote Inc.

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