2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 192

Entry via free form writing
The free form writing feature has handwriting recognition and enables you to write text and characters directly with your finger.

Fig. 146: Free form writing

Text and numbers can also be entered using voice control (e.g. for dialing a phone number or entering a navigation destination).

  1. Please see chapter "Voice Control" on page 321.

Open the Connection Manager

  1. Please see chapter "Connection Manager" on page 95.

Open apps

The Apps menu provides access to Porsche Connect App functions.

  1. Please see chapter "Porsche Connect App" on page 224.

Show background image

A background image can be shown or hidden in the menu.

Configure MyScreen

The MyScreen menu allows touchscreen content to be compiled individually from various categories (e.g., NAV or PHONE).

A total of three different MyScreens can be configured.

Personalizing MyScreen

Fig. 147: Configuring MyScreen

Opening MyScreen

Resetting MyScreen

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