2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Operating the PCM with the rotary push button

Fig. 144: Rotary push button

  1. Turn the rotary push button until the desired function is highlighted.
  2. Press the rotary push button to activate the highlighted function.

Opening menus

Opening the main menu directly

You can change from one main menu to another at any time. When you return to a main menu, the content that was open before you exited the main menu is displayed again.

Opening the main menu via the Home menu

Opening the settings for each function

  1. The desired main menu is selected (e.g. ) .

Entering text and characters

As soon as text or characters need to be entered, an input field appears, e.g. for entering a destination or search term.

Fig. 145: Touchscreen keypad

ACurrent cursor position
BSwitch caps lock on and off (change between upper and lower case)
CShow and hide the keypad
DChange between letters, numbers and special characters
EHandwriting recognition (enter letters or characters via the touchscreen)
FInsert space
GConfirm entry
HDelete entry
IList of suggestions

There are three ways of entering text and characters:

Entry via the keypad

Making entries using the rotary push button

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