2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 190

Touchscreen controls

Fig. 142: Touchscreen controls

AHome screen
Displays available functions when the button is pressed.

Functions for each main menu, connection symbols and the configurable temperature or time display.

CDisplay of time or temperature
Please see chapter "Setting the date and time" on page 189.

DFunctions according to main menu
The toolbar contains various submenus, depending on which main menu is active.

EShow more pages
Display more pages by scrolling (swiping).

Displays additional functions when approaching the touchscreen.

GOpen the Connection Manager
(Connect a phone, display WiFi settings and set up a WiFi hotspot, connect Bluetooth® devices, display Apple CarPlay™ and Porsche Connect App connection status)

  1. Please see chapter "Connection Manager" on page 95.

HTitle bar
For example, display the selected radio and media source.

Operating the PCM using the touchscreen

Fig. 143: Operation using the touchscreen

ATap (select)
Briefly tap the touchscreen with your finger. Example: Select function or activate/ deactivate checkbox.

BLong press
Touch the touchscreen with your finger for longer.
Example: Save station in themain menu.

CHorizontal swipe
Swipe the touchscreen horizontally with your finger.
Example: Display more pages of radio stations.

DVertical swipe (scroll)
Swipe the touchscreen vertically with your finger.
Example: Manually scrolling through lists.

Move two fingers further apart or closer together. Tap the touchscreen twice to zoom in on a section.
Example: Enlarging an area on a map

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