2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 165

Swiveling mirror glass downward manually

  1. Engage reverse gear.
    The light indicator on button A for adjusting the exterior mirror on the driver’s side lights up.
  2. Press button B for adjusting the door mirror on the passenger’s side.
    The mirror glass on the passenger's side swivels downward.

Individually adjusting the position of the lowered mirror glass:

  • Move the glass of the door mirror into the appropriate position by pressing the adjustment button C.

On vehicles with driver memory or comfort memory, this setting is stored on the memory buttons in the driver’s door or on the vehicle key.

For information on storing and retrieving the vehicle settings:

  1. Please see chapter "Personal Settings" on page 207.

Moving mirror glass to the initial position
The mirror glass swivels back into its initial position:

  1. after a time delay when reverse gear is disengaged, or
  2. immediately when the vehicle has reached a speed of more than 10 mph (15 km/h).

Manually moving the mirror glass on the passenger's side to the initial position:

  • Press button A for the door mirror on the driver's side.

Dimming interior mirror manually

When adjusting the mirror, the anti-dazzle lever must be pointing towards the passenger compartment.

  • Initial position – swivel lever in the direction of the vehicle interior.
  • Dimmed position – swivel lever toward the windshield.

Switching automatic interior mirror dimming on and off

Fig 124: Automatic dimming of the interior mirror

Switching automatic dimming on

  • Press button B
    Light indicator A lights up.
    Depending on the light intensity, the interior mirror automatically dims or returns to the initial position.

The interior mirror does not dim when reverse gear is engaged or the passenger compartment lighting is switched on.

Switching automatic dimming off

  • Press button B
    The light indicator A goes off.

Leaking electrolyte fluid when mirror glass is broken
Electrolyte fluid can leak from broken mirror glass. This fluid causes irritation to the skin and eyes.

  • In the event of contact with the skin or eyes, immediately rinse off the electrolyte fluid using clean water.
  • Seek medical attention from a doctor if necessary.

Risk of damage to painted, leather and plastic parts, and to clothing.

Electrolyte fluid can only be removed while it is still wet.

  • Clean affected parts with water.

The incidence of light must not be impaired in the detection area of the light sensor C (e.g. through stickers on the rear screen or luggage in the trunk or on the trunk cover). The incidence of light through the windshield onto the front light sensor must also not be impaired (e.g. through stickers).

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