2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 161

Opening playlists

Additional playlists are available for media playback, depending on the media source selected.

Opening playlist

  1. Audio source is selected.

  1. Current playback list: The folder structure or track/chapter list for the selected source is displayed.
  2. Last played
  3. Most played
  4. Track incl. star rating

Importing and deleting audio/video files in jukebox

Audio and video files on a CD/DVD, USB flash drive or SD card can be imported to the jukebox.

Current track or album

  1. The media source containing tracks or albums to be copied to the jukebox is selected.
  2. Desired track or album is selected.

Folders or files

  1. Media source is selected.

Deleting media content from jukebox

  1. The jukebox is selected as a media source.

  1. Delete current track
  2. Delete current album
  3. Delete files/folders: Select files or folders using Select/Deselect and confirm with Delete.

Displaying available and occupied storage space

  1. The jukebox is selected as a media source.

Changing settings

General media settings


  1. Apple CarPlay™: Manage phone connections connected via USB.
  2. AUX: Switch the universal audio interface (AUX) on and off.
  3. Bluetooth® audio: Switch the Bluetooth® connection on and off.
  4. Bluetooth®: Manage Bluetooth®functions and devices.
  1. Please see chapter "Deleting a Bluetooth® device or displaying Bluetooth® information" on page 212.

– SET SOUND: Basic tone settings

  1. Please see chapter "Changing the volume and sound" on page 196.
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