2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 160

Fast forward/reverse

  1. Media source is selected.

Switching random playback on and off

  1. Media source is selected.

Viewing similar music

Repeat track

  1. Media source is selected.
  2. Album or playlist has been selected.

Playing videos

  1. Video source is selected.

Selecting tracks from the active audio source on the multifunction display

For information on using the multifunction display:

  1. Please see chapter "Operating the multifunction display with multifunction steering wheel" on page 166.

Searching through media source

Users can search for audio and video files on each media source. A track can be located either by entering text or selecting the category using the Search function or by pressing Browse to display and then browse through a list of available tracks.

Searching for tracks or video

  1. Media source is selected.

Browsing through media

  1. Media source is selected.

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