2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 112

Flat Tire

Depending on the model and vehicle equipment, the vehicle comes with either a tire sealing compound kit or a collapsible spare wheel.

Vehicles with tire sealing compound kit:

  1. Please see chapter "Sealing the defective tire" on page 113.

Vehicles with collapsible spare wheel:

  1. Please see chapter "Fitting collapsible spare wheel" on page 114.

Responding to warning symbols

If the symbol lights up in the multifunction display with a warning message, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System has detected a strong loss of pressure. This loss of pressure could indicate tire damage.

  • Stop in a suitable place and check the indicated tire for damage.
  1. Please see chapter "Warning and Information Messages" on page 327.

Park the vehicle safely

  1. Stop the vehicle as far away from the driving lane as possible. The vehicle must be parked on a firm and flat surface that is skid-proof. 2
  2. Switch on the emergency flasher.
  3. Apply the parking brake.
  4. Select PDK selector lever position P.
  5. Straighten the front wheels.
  6. So that the steering can be locked and the engine cannot be started: Remove vehicle key. Vehicles with Entry & Drive: Detach control panel.
  7. Get all passengers to leave the vehicle. Pay attention to the traffic as they do so.
  8. Set up the warning triangle at a suitable distance.
  9. Secure the vehicle to prevent it from rolling away, e.g. by placing wheel chocks at the wheels on the opposite side.

Securing vehicle to prevent it from rolling away

  1. Securing vehicle to prevent it from rolling away

Fig. 63: Removing base wedges

  1. Remove two base wedges A.
  2. Unfold and engage both wedges A.

Fig. 64: Positioning wedges

  1. Place one wedge each directly in front of and behind the diagonally opposite wheel.
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