2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Page: 109

Burning engine oil
Engine oil can ignite if it comes into contact with hot engine parts. Engine oil stored in nonventilated areas or thrown-away cloths with engine oil residues can self-combust and result in a fire.

  • Wipe up spilled engine oil with a cloth.
  • Cloths soaked with engine oil must be stored in a well-ventilated area until disposal.
  • Allow the engine to cool before topping up engine oil.

Hot engine parts
The engine and adjacent components, and the exhaust system become very hot when the engine is running.

  • Take care when working near hot vehicle parts, particularly the engine and exhaust system.
  • Always turn off the engine and allow it to cool down before working in the engine compartment.
  • Proceed with extreme caution when working in the engine compartment.
  • Only top up engine oil when the engine is stopped and the ignition is switched off.

Too much or too little engine oil will damage the engine. Too much engine oil can cause blue smoke to form and will damage the catalytic converters in the long term.

  • Do not allow the oil level to drop below the minimum mark.
  • Only add engine oil to the maximum mark. If the oil reservoir is overfilled, correct this at the earliest opportunity.
    Visit a qualified specialist workshop. Porsche recommends an authorized Porsche dealer, as they have trained technicians and the necessary parts and tools.

Make sure to note the following points:

  1. Only use Porsche-approved engine oils.
    Observe the service intervals.
  2. Oils approved by Porsche can be mixed.
  3. Do not use oil additives.
  4. If you suspect an oil leak in the engine have your authorized Porsche dealer check it out immediately.

Choosing the engine oil
Porsche recommends .

The details of manufacturer approvals can generally be found on the oil containers or as a notice displayed by the retailer. To find out more about the current approvals: Contact an authorized Porsche dealer.

Topping up engine oil

Fig. 61: Oil filler opening - Macan Turbo, Macan GTS, Macan S

  1. Read the engine oil level on the multifunction display.
  1. Please see chapter "Measuring and displaying oil level" on page 169.
  1. Unscrew the cap of the oil filler opening.
  2. Add the amount of engine oil displayed on the multifunction display.
    Never add more than the amount of engine oil indicated.
  1. Please see chapter "Measuring and displaying oil level" on page 169.
  1. Carefully close the cap of the oil filler opening.
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