2017-2018 Macan – Manual

2017-2018 Macan – Manual

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Electrical socket

Using 12-volt plug sockets

Electrical accessories can be connected to the 12-volt electrical socket.

Electrical sockets are located at the following positions, depending on vehicle equipment:

  1. In the front center console
  2. In the storage compartment in the center console between the front seats at the right in direction of travel
  3. In the rear center console
  4. In the trunk at the left in direction of travel

Connecting charging adapter


  1. The 12-volt plug sockets and the connected electrical accessories work even if the ignition is switched off or the vehicle key is removed. If the engine is not running and the accessories are switched on, the vehicle battery will be discharged. The power supply is interrupted after about 30 minutes to protect the vehicle battery. If the consumer is to be switched on again, the ignition must be switched on once.
  2. The maximum load capacity of 12-volt plug sockets or the cigarette lighter is 20 A provided no other loads are switched on. Do not exceed 10 A per 12-volt electrical socket or cigarette lighter if several consumers are operating simultaneously.
  3. Unshielded devices and equipment can cause interference to radio and TV reception as well as vehicle electronics.

Fig. 59: Charging adapter for 12-volt electrical socket and cigarette lighter

ASuitable charging adapter
BUnsuitable charging adapter

Danger of damage to the electrical system.

  • Only use suitable charging adapters (A): Distance X between the ground connection and the upper edge of the charging adapter must be less than approx. 16 mm.
  • Unsuitable charging adapters (B) with a distance X greater than 16 mm between the ground connection and the upper edge can damage the 12-volt electrical sockets.

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