2015-2016 Cayenne – Manual

2015-2016 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 80

A - Slide/tilt roof element
B - Fixed glass element

Panoramic Roof System
The Panoramic roof comprises two roof elements.

Roof element A is a slide/tilt roof and can be moved in the vehicle’s longitudinal direction It can also be raised. This allows improved interior ventilation.

For information on operational readiness and operation of the slide/tilt roof:

  • Please refer to chapter “SLIDE/TILT ROOF” on page 78.

Roof element B is a fixed glass element and completes the Panoramic roof system.

Opening and closing the Panoramic roof system
When opening or closing the Panoramic roof system, particularly in one-touch mode, parts of the body may become trapped between the moving roof and fixed vehicle parts.

  • Take care to ensure that nobody can be injured when the Panoramic roof system is operated.
  • Always remove the driver's key when leaving the vehicle or switch ignition off on vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive. Always take the driver's key with you when leaving the vehicle. Uninformed persons (e.g. children) could injure themselves by operating the Panoramic roof system.
  • In case of danger, actuate the switch for operating the Panoramic roof system in the opposite direction or release the driver’s key immediately if using the comfort function.

Risk of injury when operating the Panoramic roof system if roof elements are not fitted correctly.

  • Check that the roof attachments are properly fitted before starting to drive.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient clearance between the Panoramic roof system and the fitted roof elements.

Roll-up sunblind
A roll-up sunblind is integrated in the Panoramic roof system and can be adjusted by actuating the rocker switch in the overhead console.

Opening/closing roll-up sunblind
The rocker switch has a two-stage function:

  1. First stage – manual operation
    If the rocker switch is pressed to the first position, the roll-up sunblind opens or closes for as long as the rocker switch is actuated.
  2. Second stage – one-touch operation
    If the rocker switch is fully pressed, the roll-up sunblind opens or closes to its end position.
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