2015-2016 Cayenne – Manual

2015-2016 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 34

Example: front seat

The height of the headrests for the front seats and the outer headrests for the back seat can be adjusted.


  • Push headrest upwards until the desired position is reached.


  • Press button A and push the headrest downwards at the same time until the desired position is reached.

Rear Seats

Seat adjustment
If persons or animals are in the movement range of the seat during seat adjustment, there is a risk of parts of the body being pinched or crushed.

  • Adjust the seat so that no-one is put at risk.

Fore-and-aft adjustment

  • Pull up lever A and push the seat forward or back.

Backrest angle adjustment

  1. Sit on the seat.
  2. There are three backrest angle positions available. Pull up lever B and adjust the released backrest by pressing it into a less steep seat position or by easing it into a more upright seat position. The backrest engages in the current position when you release the lever.
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