2014-2016 Macan – Manual

2014-2016 Macan – Manual

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Light Switch

Light is switched off
Daytime driving lights are switched on when the ignition is switched on.

Automatic driving light assistant

Side lights
License plate light, instrument lighting, side lights switched on, daytime driving lights switched off.

Low beam/driving light
Only with ignition on.

Pull switch to first click in low beam or side lights position. Indicator light lights up.

Rear fog light
Pull switch to second click in low beam or side lights position. Indicator light lights up.

If the car key is removed and the door is opened while the lights are on, an audible signal (gong) warns of possible battery discharge.

In some countries, differences are possible due to legal requirements.

The vehicle’s exterior lights can mist up due to temperature and humidity. This misting will dry off after a sufficient distance has been driven.

Automatic Driving Light Assistant
The automatic driving light assistant is a comfort function. Your Porsche’s driving light (low beam) is switched on and off automatically depending on the ambient brightness.

The automatic driving light assistant also controls the daytime driving lights, the automatic Coming Home lights and the dynamic cornering light.

The automatic driving light assistant is activated when the light switch is set to position .

Despite possible support by automatic driving light assistant, it is the responsibility of the driver to switch on the driving light using the conventional light switch in accordance with the relevant national regulations.

Automatic Lights
Activating the headlights using the automatic driving light assistant function therefore does not absolve the driver of responsibility for correct operation of the driving headlights and running lights.

  • Always carefully monitor the automatic driving light control.

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