2014-2016 Macan – Manual

2014-2016 Macan – Manual

Page: 34

Only one door is unlocked

On the multi-function display of the instrument panel, you can set different variants for locking and unlocking the doors and tailgate. You can open all doors irrespective of the selected setting.

  • Press button on the car key twice within 5 seconds.

For information on the locking and unlocking settings on the multi-function display:

  • Please see the chapter “LOCKING SETTINGS” on page 136.

The vehicle cannot be unlocked

Remote control of the car key may

  1. not function correctly due to radio waves (also radio contact between remote control and vehicle in the case of Porsche Entry & Drive),
  2. fail due to a fault,
  3. fail due to a flat car key battery.

Please see the chapter “CHANGING CAR KEY (REMOTE CONTROL) BATTERY” on page 318.

  • Make sure not to store the car key together with switched on devices (e.g. cell phone, Notebook, charging cable, driver card/remote keypad (Porsche Vehicle Tracking System). Store the car key somewhere else if necessary.

If the vehicle still cannot be unlocked:

  • Hold the remote control at the top right of the rear window (in direction of travel) and press the button.

Unlocking vehicle with the emergency key
If the vehicle still cannot be opened (e.g. if the vehicle battery is flat), then:

  1. Remove the emergency key from the car key.

For information on the emergency key:

  • Please see the chapter “EMERGENCY KEY” on page 20.
  1. Lift and hold the door handle.
  2. Remove protective plug from the lock cylinder.
  3. Insert the emergency key into the lock cylinder, turn it 90° against the resistance in direction of travel using a certain amount of force, turn the emergency key back to its initial position and remove it again.
  4. Re-insert protective plug in the lock cylinder.
  5. Release the door handle and open the door by pulling the door handle again.
  6. Switch on the ignition within 15 seconds to prevent the alarm system from triggering.
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