2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Adding to a number from the list of received calls

  1. Press the button.
  2. Select "Received calls".
  3. Select the number you want.
  4. Select "Add to number".
    The input menu is opened and the number is shown in the input field ready for editing.
  5. Make the change you want.
  6. Select "Call number".
    The telephone number stored in the list is not changed.

Touch tone dialing (DTMF tones)

DTMF tones (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) can be sent once a telephone connection has been established. You need this function to communicate with touch tone-activated telephone systems (e.g. for controlling your voice mailbox or when dialing in remotely to your answering machine).

DTMF dialing

  1. Select "Touch tone dialing" in the call menu.
    The numerical input menu is opened.
  2. Enter the digits you want.
    Each digit is immediately transmitted as a DTMF tone.

Combining DTMF tones with a telephone number
You can use the + and w characters in the numerical input menu to combine DTMF dialing with the entry of a telephone number.


The DTMF dialing digits are appended to the digits of the telephone number without any breaks.

  • To enter the + character, touch and hold the 0+ symbol in the telephone input menu.


The digits of the telephone number are dialed first. As soon as the connection to the telephone number dialed has been established, the DTMF dialing digits must be confirmed once more.

  • To enter the w character, touch and hold the * symbol in the telephone input menu.


The digits of the telephone number are dialed first. The PCM then waits until the connection has been established before dialing the DTMF dialing digits.

The p character cannot be entered in the telephone input menu. It is, however, recognized by the PCM if it is stored in a telephone number on the SIM card, for example. In this case, the behavior of the PCM is the same as the behavior for "+" described above.

Establishing an additional call

You can establish a second call while there is another call active.

The establishment or acceptance of a second call is not supported by some cell phones. In these cases, the menu item "New call" is grayed out during an active call.

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