2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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  1. Enter the same Bluetooth code on your cell phone.
    Once you have entered the code, successful authorization of the device is shown on the display.
  2. With many cell phones, the connection with the PCM must be explicitly established from the cell phone following authorization. Further details can be found in the operating manual for your cell phone.

With some cell phones, the Bluetooth code must be directly provided by the cell phone during the connection request. If this is the case, enter any four-digit code in your cell phone and confirm it with OK. You will then be shown a keypad on the PCM display where you must enter the same code and confirm it.

Conducting calls

There is a hands-free microphone in the roof control console of the vehicle. This means that you can conduct all telephone calls without using a handset.
You control the volume using the left rotary knob . On some cell phones, the Bluetooth hands-free volume can also be set with the phone volume control.
If there is a cell phone connected to the PCM using the Hands-Free Profile, the call is normally conducted using the hands-free unit. It can, however, be transferred to the cell phone by selecting the "Private" function.

  • To switch the "Private" function on ( ) or off ( ) during the call, select "Private".

Temporarily muting the hands-free microphone

  • To switch the function on ( ) or off ( ) during the call, select "Mute microphone".

The microphone can also be muted by
– briefly pressing the left rotary knob
- or - (if there is a multi-function steering wheel with telephone function available)
– pressing the left thumbwheel on the multifunction steering wheel.

Accepting a call

As soon as a call comes in, the current audio source is muted and the selected ringtone is played. In addition, an appropriate menu is temporarily displayed or an appropriate message shown on the bottom of the screen.
If available, the telephone number and the name of the caller are displayed.

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