2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 56

  1. Press the button.
  2. Select "Find telephone".
    A search is started and a list of the devices found is displayed.
  3. Select the device you want in the list.
    A Bluetooth code is displayed that you must enter in the cell phone.
  4. Enter the displayed Bluetooth code in the cell phone.
    Successful authorization of the device is shown on the display and the connection is established.

With some cell phones, the connection request by the PCM must be explicitly confirmed on the cell phone. In some cases this step may need to be repeated a number of times, for example before transferring the phonebook. To avoid this prompt, you can authorize the PCM in your cell phone's list of devices. The connection will then be established automatically and without the need for future checks.
Further details can be found in the operating manual for your cell phone.

To find out more, please refer to the sections "Authorized Bluetooth devices" on page 94 and "Adding a new Bluetooth device" on page 96.

Establishing a connection from the external Bluetooth device

If the PCM does not find your cell phone or a connection attempt by the PCM fails, you can also start the authorization from the cell phone.

  1. If another cell phone is connected with the PCM, switch off Bluetooth on the connected cell phone to disconnect the connection with the PCM.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Press the button or touch the tab of the same name in the header.
    The PCM is now visible for external devices.

Please ensure that the Bluetooth visibility of the PCM is activated. To find out more, please refer to the section "Setting visibility" on page 68.

  1. Using the cell phone, search for audio accessories or devices that support Bluetooth.
    Refer to the manufacturer's operating instructions to find out how to do this.
  2. Select the device "PCM" from the cell phone's search list and establish a connection.
    Refer to the manufacturer's operating instructions if necessary.
  3. A request appears on the PCM display. Select "Accept".
  4. A numeric keypad is displayed. Enter any four-digit Bluetooth code and confirm with "OK".
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