2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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– For a PCM with PCM telephone, connection takes place using the SIM Access Profile if this profile is supported by
the cell phone used. When connecting using the SIM Access Profile, the SIM card of the cell phone is used for
operation of the PCM telephone. The data on the SIM card (phonebook entries and text messages) is read out by
the PCM and is available for use on the PCM.
The range of functions with a connection using the SIM Access Profile is largely the same as the function of the
PCM telephone with SIM card inserted.
If the cell phone does not support the SIM Access Profile, connection takes place using the Hands-Free Profile.
With cell phones that support both profiles, it is possible to switch between the connection types.

The option of connection using the SIM Access Profile is not available on all cell phones and must also be activated on the device for some cell phones.
In some countries there may be limitations to the use of devices with Bluetooth. You can obtain information in this regard from your local authorities.

Prerequisites for the cell phone

Not all cell phones are equally suitable for making and receiving calls via the Bluetooth interface of the PCM.
– You need a cell phone that supports Bluetooth.
– The cell phone must support Hands-Free Profile 1.0 or higher.
– The cell phone must be switched on and Bluetooth must be activated.
– On some cell phones, the device must also be rendered "visible" to other devices with Bluetooth.

Further information on the settings on your cell phone can be found in the manufacturer's operating instructions.

Some cell phones have special characteristics when it comes to Bluetooth or do not fully support Bluetooth. This is especially true for cell phones on CDMA systems. Contact your cell phone retailer and if applicable download the latest software onto your cell phone.

Hands-free quality

The hands-free quality can be impaired by
– having the fan on, windows open, or the top down,
– wind and road noise,
– cell phone having a poor network connection,
– vehicle traveling at a high speed.

Interruptions to the connection while driving

Interruptions to the connection may occur if
– there is inadequate GSM coverage in certain regions,
– you are switching from one GSM transmitting/ receiving station (GSM cell) to another and there is no voice
channel available in this cell,
– you are using a SIM card that is not compatible with the available network,
– you are using two SIM cards and the cell phone is simultaneously logged into the network with the second SIM card.

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