2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 188

Operating examples for telephone mode

Injury hazard. In emergency situations, stress may cause your voice to change to an extent where it might take longer than normal to establish a telephone connection.

  • Do not use the voice control system in cases of emergency.

Injury hazard. The telephone must not be used near explosives or flammable materials (e.g. at a gas station) or near operations involving explosives.
Cell phones must be switched off in certain hazardous areas such as near gas stations, fuel depots, chemical plants, and demolition work in progress using explosives, for example. The electric spark from the cell phone could ignite chemical vapors near these hazardous areas, which could result in serious personal injury or death.

  • Follow corresponding instructions.
  • Observe statutory regulations and local restrictions when using the telephone.

Calling up telephone mode

  • Activate voice control.

    The PCM switches to telephone mode.

Entering the PIN
The digits "zero" to "nine" are permitted when entering the PIN. The following two options are available to you when saying the digits:
– Say all digits in a single block without a pause.
– Group and say the individual digits in blocks, for example the first three digits and then the next three digits. Leave a pause after each block and wait until the PCM has repeated the digits from the last block entered before saying the next block.

If you are saying the digits in blocks, you can delete the last block using the "correction" command. The PCM then repeats the last correct block and you can continue with your input. The "delete" command deletes all your input.
If you are saying all the digits without a pause, both these commands delete all the input.

  • Activate voice control in the PIN input menu (see above).
    "The PIN, please?".

    "One Two Three Four".
    "One Two Three Four".

    "Checking the PIN".
    The PCM switches to telephone mode if the entered PIN is correct.
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