2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Operating examples

The voice control system is designed so that you can generally say each menu item shown on the display. If you activate the "Show hints" function, exceptions are indicated by an appropriate message on the display of the PCM.
The PCM also shows you the most relevant commands possible at that time as soon as you are prompted to enter a command. To find out more, please refer to the section "Configuring the voice control system" on page 180.
Due to the multitude of control options, we have chosen to provide a number of operating examples on the following pages instead of a full listing of all voice-controlled functions.

Operating examples for radio mode

Calling up radio mode and switching waveband

  • Activate voice control.

    The PCM switches to radio mode if another mode was active prior to the command being entered. If radio mode was already active, the waveband is switched.

Selecting a preset memory
You can select a preset memory directly. Do this by saying the command "preset memory FM 1", for example.

Tuning to a currently receivable FM station
If you know the currently receivable FM stations and if radio mode is your active audio source, you can tune to the station you want by saying its name.

  • Activate voice control.

    "Station KCRW".
    "Station KCRW".
    The PCM tunes to the corresponding station.

Tuning to stored FM stations
You can either say the name of a stored station from the FM main menu or the number of the corresponding memory location.

  • Activate voice control.

    "Station KCRW".
    "Station KCRW".
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