2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 163

Determining the vehicle position in off-road navigation
The vehicle position is determined with the aid of a GPS antenna and a receiver in the navigation module. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a satellite-assisted position tracking system.
Further vehicle signals (e.g. speed) are evaluated and processed in the navigation computer to calculate the vehicle position.
This enables the system to automatically correct signal changes due to wheel changes (altered tire diameter), temperature, or air pressure variations.

Activating/deactivating off-road navigation

  1. Press the button.
  2. Press the button or touch the tab of the same name in the header.
  3. Select "SET NAVI"
    > "Off-road".
  4. To activate ( ) or deactivate ( ) the function, select "Off-road".

Off-road navigation is activated automatically when you select an off-road destination (a landmark list or a trace) from the destination memory.

Safety notice for off-road navigation

When you activate off-road navigation you are shown a notice that off-road navigation serves only to assist the driver.

  • Select "Activate "off-road" " to close this safety notice.

Landmark navigation

Within the framework of landmark navigation you can
– enter a destination by entering an address (> page 144),
– enter a destination by specifying the geographical coordinates (> page 161),
– enter a destination in the map view (> page 159),
– insert a destination from the list of previous destinations (> page 147),
– insert a destination from the personal destination memory (> page 149),
– enter a point of interest (> page 154), and
– enter a maximum of four stopovers, in this case called "Landmarks" (> page 158).
You can also select destinations in the digitized area from lists and navigate to them when off-road navigation is active.
These destinations are then reinterpreted as offroad destinations and navigated to using landmark navigation.

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