2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Operating the menus with the touchscreen

  • Touch the individual menu items or symbols directly on the display.

If the menu functions cannot be operated by touching the display, it is because the touchscreen has been disabled. For further information, please see "Switching the touchscreen on and off" on page 20.

Operating the menus with the right rotary knob

Instead of using the touchscreen you can use the right rotary knob to operate the menu items.

  • By turning the right rotary knob you highlight a menu item.
  • By pressing the right rotary knob you activate the highlighted menu item.

The process of highlighting and activating using the right rotary knob or touching the menu item on the display is referred to below as "selecting".

Exiting menus

Going back to the next higher menu

  • Press the Back button button to cancel an operation and return to the next higher level in the menu.

Going back to the main menu

  • Press a main menu button to go back to the relevant main menu.

Returning to the top level of a main menu

  • Press the relevant main button twice in quick succession to return to the top level of the main menu.

Operating lists

The following control options are available to you for selecting a list entry:

  • Touch the symbols and on the display - or -
  • Touch the scrollbar between the two symbols and - or -
  • Turn the right rotary knob

Highlighted list entries are framed in orange.

Showing the first letter of list entries

To make it easier to navigate in long lists, you can show the first letters of list entries in the following lists:
– the phonebook,
– the list for the music search in the iPod or in USB mode,
– the track list in USB and MP3 disc mode, or
– the destination memory in the navigation menu.

  • Touch and hold one of the two symbols and for several seconds. - or -
  • Quickly turn the right rotary knob .

Only letters with corresponding entries in the list will be displayed.

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