2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Q - Lift handset button
By pressing the Lift handset button you can
– accept an incoming telephone call or
– call up the quick dial function.

R - main menu button
Pressing the button opens the menu for operation of the audio sources CD, DVD, iPod, USB, AUX, and AUX BT.

S - main menu button
Pressing the button opens the menu for radio mode.

Menu types and options for operation

The PCM display is a color touchscreen. All menu functions, list entries, and text input fields as well as the arrow symbols and scrollbars can be operated by lightly touching the corresponding location on the display.

What are the menu types?

Main menus
The range of functions of the PCM is divided between the following main menus:
: radio main menu
: disc main menu
: telephone main menu
: navigation main menu
: map view
: sound settings
: information menu
: vehicle a
nd trip data main menu
Each of these main menus contains various submenus for a specific topic.

Option menus
Each of the eight main menus has an option menu, which contains the settings and other functions for the respective main menu.

Calling up and operating menu types

Calling up main menus

  • To call up a main menu, press the relevant button below the display.

You can switch from one main menu to another at any time.
When you switch back to a main menu, the same function will be displayed as was shown before you exited the menu.
To return to the top level of a main menu, press the relevant main menu button twice.

Calling up option menus

  • To call up an option menu, press the button. - or -
  • Touch the tab on the display using your finger.
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