2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Resetting trip data

You can reset the trip data in the "Total trip data" and "Trip data since ..." display groups by pressing the button field for at least 1 second.

  1. Press the button.
  2. Set the display to be reset by selecting the symbols and .
  3. Select for at least 1 second.
    The trip data in the corresponding display is reset.


ParkAssist indicates the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle visually and acoustically for the driver when parking and maneuvering.
The ParkAssist visual parking aid is shown on the PCM display. Obstacles located in front of and behind the vehicle are indicated using different colored fields. These fields show the contour of obstacles as well as their distance from the vehicle.
ParkAssist is activated automatically when the ignition is turned on up to a speed of approximately 10 mph.

To find out more, please also refer to the corresponding chapter in the owner's manual.

Injury hazard. Even with ParkAssist, responsibility for parking and for assessing obstacles lies with the driver.
A continuous tone sounds when ParkAssist detects risk of a collision.

  • Make sure that no persons, animals, or obstacles are within the maneuvering area.
  • If the continuous tone sounds, do not move the vehicle any closer to an obstacle.

The following colored fields are used to show obstacles and their distance from the vehicle:

Field color: Green
Distance in front of vehicle: < 120 cm (approx. 47.2 in.)
Distance behind vehicle: < 180 cm (approx. 70.9 in.)

Field color: Yellow
Distance in front of vehicle: < 80 cm (approx. 31.5 in.)
Distance behind vehicle: < 80 cm (approx. 31.5 in.)

Field color: Red
Distance in front of vehicle: < 40 cm (approx. 15.8 in.)
Distance behind vehicle: < 45 cm (approx. 17.7 in.)

Field color: Red with continuous tone
Distance in front of vehicle: < 30 cm (approx. 11.8 in.)
Distance behind vehicle: < 35 cm (approx. 13.8 in.)

If ParkAssist recognizes a trailer is connected to the vehicle, no distance information is displayed for the rear of the vehicle.

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