2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Trip data display

The CAR menu provides you with a variety of useful trip data such as the trip time, distance covered, average speed, or average fuel consumption.
The following display groups are differentiated depending on the vehicle's equipment:
Total trip data
The trip data is totaled continuously until reset. The trip data
is retained even after the vehicle has been stationary (with
the ignition key removed) for relatively long periods.
Trip data since ...
The trip data is automatically reset after the vehicle has been stationary (with the ignition key removed) for two hours.
Personal trip data
The trip data can be individually compiled in four data fields.
The number of displays available to you is shown between the two arrow symbols and .

Setting the display group

  • Touch the symbols and . - or -
  • Turn the right rotary knob .

Setting the contents of the personal display

You can configure the contents of the individual data fields for the "Personal trip data" display yourself. You can choose between general information such as date, time, or outside temperature as well as various data fields from the navigation area such as arrival times, average speeds, or consumption.

  1. Press the button.
  2. Press the button or touch the tab of the same name in the header.
  3. Select "SET CAR"
    > "Personal settings".
  4. Select the data field to be changed.
    A list containing multiple menu items is opened.
  5. Select the menu item you want.
    The chosen menu item is inserted in the corresponding data field.

If you fill a data field with the menu item "Distance to next gas station", you can start a route calculation to this gas station by touching the symbol on the display. If you select "Start route guidance", route guidance to this gas station is started.

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