2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Cordless handset

There is a cordless handset available for your PCM.

Using a handset when driving is not permitted in all countries. Therefore, please observe the country-specific laws and regulations.

Once the internal telephone is switched on, the SIM card inserted, and the PIN entered, most of the functions of the internal telephone will also be available to you on the handset. You can even enter the PIN on either the handset or the PCM.

In order to increase the battery life, the display is switched off after a certain time when the handset is not in the charging cradle.

If a cell phone is connected to the PCM using the Hands-Free Profile, the handset functions are not available.

Switching a cordless handset on and off

  • Press and hold the End call button for a few seconds to switch the handset on or off.

Charging a cordless handset

  • Place the handset in the charging cradle.

General operation

Once you have entered the PIN, the telephone logs into a cell phone network. On the display of the cordless handset you will see the network provider's logo, the current signal strength, the Bluetooth symbol, the charging level of the battery, and two menu items.
You can select or open the menu items using the selection buttons beneath them. In many cases this brings you to a further menu.
You navigate within the individual menus using the rocker switch that can be pressed at the top, bottom, left, and right edges to move the highlighting in the respective direction.
Pressing the right selection button under the "Back" menu item brings you to the last menu opened or the next menu level up.

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