2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Disabling the controls in the rear
The power window buttons on the rear doors and the control panel on the rear center console, except the rear central locking button, can be disabled by pressing the safety button in the control panel on the driver’s door.

Switching child protection on/off

  • Press the safety button .
    The indicator light in the safety button lights up if child protection is active.

Storing end position of the door windows after connecting the vehicle battery
The end positions of the door windows are lost when the battery is disconnected and reconnected. One-touch operation of the windows is disabled.

Perform these steps for all windows:

  1. Close the window completely once by pulling the rocker switch.
  2. If the window is completely closed, briefly pull the rocker switch again.
  3. Open the window completely once by pressing the rocker switch.

Sliding/Lifting Roof
The electric sliding/lifting roof is made of tinted single-sheet safety glass. It has a sliding roof cover that can be continuously adjusted manually to protect against the direct entry of sunlight.

The sliding/lifting roof can be slid open or lifted at the rear.

Sliding Roof Operation
If there are persons or animals in the movement range of the sliding/lifting roof, parts of the body could become trapped or crushed.

  • Take care to ensure that nobody can be injured when the sliding/lifting roof is operated.
  • Always remove ignition key when leaving the vehicle or switch ignition off on vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive. Always take the ignition key with you when leaving the vehicle.
    Uninformed persons (e.g. children) could injure themselves when operating the sliding/lifting roof.
  • In case of danger, operate the sliding roof button in the opposite direction.

Operational readiness of the sliding/ lifting roof
The sliding/lifting roof is ready for operation:

  1. With ignition switched on.
  2. After the ignition is switched off and before the driver’s or passenger’s door is first opened, but for a maximum of 10 minutes.
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