2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Safety belt warning system

An audio-visual warning system is interconnected with the driver’s safety belt. Every time the ignition is turned on, the gong will sound for about 6 seconds to remind driver and passenger to buckle up.

In addition, the gong will sound for approximately 90 seconds if vehicle speed exceeds 15 mph (24 km/h).

The safety belt warning lights in the instrument panel and multi-function display will go off as soon as the driver has buckled up.

Fastening the safety belt

  1. Assume a comfortable sitting position.
  2. Adjust the seat backrest so that the belt always rests on your upper body and runs across the middle of your shoulder.
  3. Grasp the belt tongue and pull the belt in a slow, continuous motion across your chest and lap.

The belt can be blocked if the vehicle is standing at an angle or the belt is pulled out using a jerking movement.

The belt cannot be pulled out while accelerating and slowing down, when cornering and when driving uphill.

  1. Insert the belt tongue into the appropriate buckle on the inboard side of the seat until it locks securely with an audible click.
  2. Make sure that belts are not trapped or twisted and that they are not rubbing on sharp edges.
  3. The horizontal section of the belt should always fit snugly across the pelvis. Therefore, after fastening the belt, always pull the diagonal part of the belt upward.
    Pregnant women should position the belt as low as possible across the pelvis, and ensure that it is not pressing against the abdomen.
  4. Pull on the diagonal section of the belt now and again during the journey to ensure that the horizontal section remains tight.
  5. Make sure that the belts and buckles fit correctly on the rear seat bench.

Releasing the safety belt

  1. Hold the belt tongue.
  2. Press the red button (arrow).
  3. Guide belt tongue to the reel.
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